Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics?

A colonic is a high enema where warm water is introduced into the colon through a pencil size nozzle to the rectum. The entire length of the colon is reached. Your job is to hold and release water. This process will loosen debris in the colon so it releases with the water. A colonic can relieve constipation, detoxifies the colon by removing aged/accumulated debris/residual medication, and exercises the colon to normalize peristalsis. It is not uncommon to have an emotional release during a colonic since the colon is the emotional center of the body.

How do I prepare for a colonic?

Be well hydrated and best if you take some form of magnesium the night before. Avoid eating 2 hours before the colonic or just something very light. A lot of food in your stomach may make the colonic uncomfortable.
Avoid wearing a dress since it would be balled up at your back during the therapy. It's best to wear a blouse or T-shirt. You are always covered; modesty is the policy.

What can I expect to happen during a colonic?

I coach you through the entire colonic so you are never alone unless you request some alone time. The equipment is all FDA approved. It is vented so you smell nothing. The entire colon can be cleansed with this system but it may take several colonics to do so. For wellness, I recommend 12 colonics per year at a frequency of two back-to-back colonics every two months. More colonics would be necessary if a person is doing any special therapies or cleanses such as liver/gallbladder flushes, fasting, small intestine cleanses, etc.

How long is the colonic session?

50 minutes on the colonic table

Do I need a doctor's prescription for colonics?

A doctor's prescription is only necessary if you currently have any of the contraindication listed on my intake form. You can view the intake form on my website.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, the minimum age is 18; it is a requirement of my insurance policy.

Can you use an alternate liquid instead of water for the colonic?

Warm water is the only liquid used during the colonic.

How should I expect to feel after a colonic?

How you will feel after a colonic varies greatly. Typically you will feel tired since you just exercised your colon. For several hours after, you cannot trust the feeling of gas since you will likely pass liquid. I provide mini-pads for your use. Your system will quickly absorb any residual water in your colon. You may not have a bowel movement for a couple days.

Can I do colonics to prepare for a colonoscopy?

Yes there is a protocol for this preparation using colonics. It avoids having to drink the prescription preparation.

My personal experience

Since my business is at my residence, I perform colonics on a monthly basis. I consider myself healthy, I eat a fairly clean diet, and I do CrossFit 5 days a week. After a productive colonic, I will typically go about 2 days without a bowel movement. If I do two colonics back-to-back then I may go up to 4 days without a bowel movement. I only do this when I have a scheduled fishing trip. Less time in the woods means more fishing time. Once I resume bowel movements then I resume daily movements.