Sweat Out Toxins in a Relaxing Sauna

Sweat Out Toxins in a Relaxing Sauna

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A far infrared sauna is designed to purge toxins from the body through resonance absorption. This means that when your body's cells absorb far infrared light, the energy triggers your body's natural detoxification process. As a result, your body flushes out toxins through your kidneys, liver, hair and sweat. Combining far infrared light with a heavy metal cleansing protocol, such as a chelating agent, can produce remarkable health benefits.

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Here's how it works

A detoxifying sauna treatment is designed to...

  • Target toxins and fat--toxins excreted due to far infrared wave's penetration include heavy metals, pesticides and petroleum-based chemicals.
  • Produce toxin-concentrated sweat-sweat produced under normal conditions contains 3% toxins on average. Sweat produced in a far infrared sauna contains 15-20% toxins.
  • Enhance your immune system-additional health benefits of a far infrared sauna visit include cardiovascular conditioning, as well as pain and stress relief. That's because the far infrared waves trigger the production of endorphins and combat toxic overload.

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